We are committed to the sustainable harvesting of Australia’s hardwood resources. Using new technology, establishing high value plantations as well as building a new bio energy plant, we are always looking at ways to improve and minimise our footprint while continuing to supply the construction industry with the most sustainable building material there is. We truly believe you can love both timber and trees, if we work together to do so sustainably. 

Hardwood Plantations

Our vision is to become totally self sufficient by managing our own saw log plantations of durable hardwood in Gippsland. In 2004 we established a 20 year plan to plant up to 2000 hectares of Silvertop AshYellow Stringybark, Southern Mahogany, Spotted Gum, Red Ironbark and Coastal Greybox plantations. To date we have planted over 1 million trees.

Radial Sawing

Radial Sawing was specifically designed to maximise the recovery of sawn timber from smaller logs. As such, Radial Sawing has a range of both environmental and technical benefits. Where conventional sawing methods require large diameter logs Radial Sawing technology helps make native hardwood plantations logs more viable by maximising the yield of high value timber products from much smaller logs.

Forestry Certification

Radial Timber is committed to the sustainable management of our timber resources. All Radial timber products are supplied through PEFC certified partners. PEFC forest certification provides a system to guarantee the sustainable management of our forests and to ensure that all products reaching our customers have been sourced from sustainably managed forests through a certified standard and chain of custody. 

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