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Radial Timber is a Victorian based company that grows, mills and distributes a range of unique and standard products from durable and sustainable Victorian Hardwoods. We specialize in Timber Decking, Screenboards, External Cladding, Internal Lining and Natural Edge Weatherboards 


Radial Timber is committed to the sustainable harvesting of Australia’s hardwood resources. We believe that old-growth and rain-forest timber should be preserved for future generations and that the timber industry should look to suitable farmland to establish high-value local plantations whilst carefully managing our regrowth forests. We currently only source sustainable regrowth or plantation grown timber.

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Victorian Government Calls An End To Native Hardwood Forestry By 2024

Dear all customers and suppliers,  The Victorian government has decided to bring forward their decision to end native logging in Victoria 6 years early and to cease all operations as of January 1st 2024.

The reality is this has already happened and mills haven’t received any hardwood logs from Victorian Forests since November 2022. This is a short sighted and absolutely heart breaking decision for regional Victoria timber towns and its workers, as well as the timber and construction industry as a whole.

Radial timber has relied on some native timber for production and this decision has already left a significant hole in our green mill production and will continue to do so over the next few years until our private plantation resource matures into a harvestable age. We have invested over $30 million into high value saw log plantations over the last 20 years with a long term plan to have an ongoing sustainable yield over a continuous 30 year cycle. In the short to medium term we will be required to change tactics and may see significant delays or shortages in stock. We will also have to adjust to varied products, different species and the increased pricing due to transport and log costs.

Radial timber will continue to source from local plantations however we will be required to acquire additional feed stock from interstate sources until we are in a position to move towards our own plantations on a completely private and sustainable rotation. We appreciate the support and ask for patience as we work through these next stages. Radial Timber has made a firm commitment to its staff and customers that it will remain producing high value Victorian hardwood for the long term.

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