Bush Fire Rated Timber For Bush Fire Prone Areas

With the increase in frequency of bush fires and expansion of homes and other buildings into rural Australia, fire protection has never been more important. In many parts of Australia the construction of new buildings and additions to existing buildings will be assessed as being in a bushfire area along with their level of risk, and given a Bal rating (bush fire attack level).

There are 6 recognized levels of ratings. The relevant Australian standard AS3959 provides the requirements built in these varied bushfire risk areas.
Bal Ratings (Lowest - Highest)
BAL 12.5
BAL 19
BAL 29
BAL 40

For some applications, AS 3959 restricts the use of timber in any area greater than Bal 12.5  unless it is one of the following 6 recognized and approved bush fire resistant timbers:

Silvertop Ash 

Red Ironbark 


River Redgum


Spotted Gum

Radial Timber Sales can provide a range of building products including shiplap and other wall claddings, decking and screenboards in Bush Fire resistant Silvertop Ash

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