Silvertop Ash

Eucalyptus Sieberi

Silvertop Ash, or ‘coast ash’ as it is commonly referred to due to it’s tendency to grow along the eastern coast, is a distinctive timber with many features including noticeable growth rings, gum veins and pencil streaks. It’s these features which make it great for visual applications.

silvertop ash   silvertop ash shiplap


Origin– Silvertop Ash grows in southern and central coast of New South Wales, eastern Victoria and north-eastern Tasmania.

Color- The color variation in Silvertop varies from pale to medium brown and often has a light amount of feature which can give a recycled timber look.

Different Silvertop Ash Grain

Download the Silvertop Ash Fact Sheet (PDF format) HERE

Properties (in accordance to the AS 5604)

Strength Group
Unseasoned S3 (Reasonably High)
Seasoned SD3 (Reasonably High)


In-Ground Class 3 (5-15 years)
Above-Ground Class 2 (15-40 years)
Unseasoned 1200 kg/m3
Seasoned 850 kg/m3
Unseasoned 7.2Kn (Janka)
Seasoned 9.5Kn (Janka)
Lyctid Borer Susceptibility Not Susceptible
Fire Resistant BAL29 (Very Resistant)


General Comments

Blonde to Brown in colour. Ideal Cladding material. Light to medium feature.

Species E. Sieberi
Common Name Silvertop Ash
Density – Dry 820kg/m3
Density – Green 1030kg/m3
Strength Group S4 SD3
% Shrinkage-Radial 6.0
% Shrinkage-Tangential 10.1
MOE – Dry 17
MPA – Green 10
MOR – Dry 136
MPA – Green 69
Hardness – Dry 9.5
Hardness – Green 7.2
Durability Class(above ground) 2
Durability Class(in ground) 3
Lyctus Bore Non-Susceptible
Av.External Life(above ground) 15 – 25 years
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