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Radial Timber is an Australian based company that grows, mills and distributes a range of unique and standard products from durable Victorian hardwood timber. It is the only commercial radial sawing mill in the world, using Australian patented technologies to produce more timber from fewer trees.

This sustainable process has been proven to produce more stable and uniform timber in longer lengths. Radial Timber specialises in timber decking, timber screen boards, external cladding and natural edge weatherboards.

Historically, most of Australia’s hardwood timber has come from native forest reserves and more recently large quantities have begun to be imported from rainforest areas in developing countries. Committed to a sustainable harvesting of the world’s hardwood resources, we believe that old growth and rainforest timber should be preserved for future generations, and that the timber industry should look to suitable farmland to establish local plantations. This is what our social campaign, Touchwood, aims to bring awareness to. For every Facebook like we receive we will plant 1 tree and are committed to plant up to 2 million trees. Find out more about our campaign here.

We’re located in Dandenong, Victoria. Do not hesitate to contact us for any enquiries.

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