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Weatherboards Natural Edge

What is Natural Edge Weatherboards

RADCON Natural Edge Weatherboards are produced by a patented sawing method that produces perfectly quarter sawn boards. RADCON Weatherboards are sawn from strong hardwood timber and are supplied unseasoned, shrinking with virtually no distortion and minimum checking on the exposed face.


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NE Weatherboards vary in cross section and profile depending on the diameter and profile of the log from which the boards have been cut. On average, boards will have cover of around 110-120mm but the cover may be as little as 80mm and as much as 160mm (cover of more than 160mm is typically not recommended). The target width is 25mm thick at the outer or sapwood edge but this will vary along the board due to log taper, and increase as log diameter increases. Boards are unseasoned (ie. will shrink) and feature a sawn finish. Thinner weatherboards (for internal linings) are also available from Radial Timber Sales as a special order.

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Weatherboards Natural Edge

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