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Heartwood plantation

Timber: The True Sustainable Resource

Over the last decade, there has been a new catchphrase governing all of man’s activities: Sustainability. Everything man does have an impact as it uses natural resources. The recent focus has shifted to minimise that impact. What we are now … Read more


70x19 Secret Fixed Shiplap, Silvertop Ash

Can you love both trees and timber?

SO CAN YOU LOVE BOTH TIMBER AND TREES? "I think some people struggle to, mostly preferring the tree over timber. Which group are you in? I love both" Written by Nick Waterman (Timber and Tree enthusiast) Some people view trees as part … Read more


Radial Timber on ABC Landline

Radial Timber On ABC Landline

Radial Timber featured on last weeks episode of ABC Landline, the show went in depth of about the journey of Radial Timber, from the new Mill in Yarram, Radial Sawing technology, Hardwood Plantations and how Radial Timber is helping steer … Read more


Radial Timber Mill

Radial Timber’s New State Of The Art Mill

ABC Rural By Isabella Pittaway Radial Timber's Mill Opening in eastern Victoria today is bucking the trend of closures in the timber industry by producing a niche products for architects. Radial Timber, which claims to be the only commercial radial … Read more


Scoop Publishing Featuring Radial Timber

Scoop Homes & Art Magazine: RTS

Hi everyone, Great news! Radial Timber has been featured in the latest edition of Scoop Homes & Art Magazine; Western Australia’s premium guide to interiors, design, arts & antiques. Take a look at Scoop Homes & Art Magazine.

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