Radial Timber Mill

Radial Timber’s New State Of The Art Mill

ABC Rural By Isabella Pittaway Radial Timber's Mill Opening in eastern Victoria today is bucking the trend of closures in the timber industry by producing a niche products for architects. Radial Timber, which claims to be the only commercial radial … Read more

Natural Edge Weatherboards

Natural Edge Weatherboard Installation

Radial Timber Sales shows a quick guide on installing weatherboards. Natural Edge Weatherboards are sawn from hardwood timber and are a popular product used for timber cladding, weatherboard cladding and timber wall cladding. Steps for Installing Weatherboards Number each weatherboard … Read more


Radial Timber featured on Channel 9 ‘The Block’

Are you a fan of The Block? Did you notice that Max and Karsten used radial timber (supplied by Outlast Timber) for their outside terrace and table? We think it looked amazing…

Website Update

Get more free timber samples

Good day everyone, We have done a couple of changes in Radial Timber website to make your browsing experience better. Free Timber Samples We have increased the number of pieces allowed per product to 5 (previously, it was 2). This … Read more


Scoop Publishing Featuring Radial Timber

Scoop Homes & Art Magazine: RTS

Hi everyone, Great news! Radial Timber has been featured in the latest edition of Scoop Homes & Art Magazine; Western Australia’s premium guide to interiors, design, arts & antiques. Take a look at Scoop Homes & Art Magazine.


Bushfire Illustration

Bush Fire Rated Timber for Bush fire prone Areas

Bush Fire | Bush Fire Resistant Timber | Bush Fire Rated Timber With the increase in frequency of bush fires and expansion of homes and other buildings into rural Australia, fire protection has never been more important. In many parts … Read more


Radial Timber on Pinterest

Radial Timber on Pinterest

We’re really happy to announce that Radial Timber is now on Pinterest, at pinterest.com/radialtimber. We have posted several radial timber pictures including a couple of featured projects. In the coming weeks and months, we will add new pins featuring projects … Read more

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