Radial Timber Can Now Pretreat Your Timber

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Natural Edge Weatherboards

Why You Need To Pretreat Your Timber.

Timber Pretreatment is a crucial step to take when using any timber for home or commercial use. All Australian native trees have a fine surface checking and over time the timber can naturally dry which then allows the timber checking to open up. To slow down this process and to nourish the timber an oil based sealer like Radial Timber Sealer is needed.

Radial Timber Sealer
Timber pretreatment

What Product Should Be Used For Timber Pretreatment?

We recommend all our timber products to be pretreated with at least an oil based sealer such as Radial Timber Sealer or decking finish on external timber. Radial Timber Sealer helps to repel and control moisture, hence minimises splitting, cracking and checking that can occur. It still allows the timber to grey off naturally while leaving it look and feel like timber. It can be applied to hardwoods used for external cladding, window frames, fences, trellis, decking and pergolas

We Pretreat Your Timber, So You Don’t Have To

Radial Timber is your one stop shop for everything Timber. Simply call us at (03) 9768 2100  to order from our range of unique and standard products, and ask about getting your timber pretreated. Your timber will arrive and be ready to be installed without the hassle of applying an oil based product by hand.

90x19 V-Joint Shiplap, Silvertop Ash

This stunning home designed by Nathan Carr and built by Ryzah Homes is situated near the beach in Dromana. The home has used Radial Timber Sealer to help protect the Silvertop Ash from the harsh climates. Radial Timber Sealer allows the timber to grey off naturally as it has no pigment in it. Allowing the timber to grey off is what owner Nathan Carr wanted for his home, to keep the natural look and feel of the timber while still keeping it nourished. Using Radial Timber Sealer as a pretreatment is also the least maintenance way for your timber as the sealer is only needed to be reapplied every 4-5 years.

New Deck 100, Silvertop Ash

Radial Timber Sealer In Action

This beautiful deck was done in Tennyson, Adelaide and features Radials 80×19 Silvertop Ash Decking. The deck was installed back in 2007 and showcases how stunning the timber can look when it is left to grey off in the elements. Ben Sando the owner of the job loved how Radial Timber Sealer worked over time to allow the timber that natural grey look and the minimal maintenance required in keeping the deck in good condition.

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