Feature Grade/Discounted Timber

What is Feature Grade Timber?

Radial Timber’s feature grade discounted timber is a great way of grabbing timber with alot more feature but at a fraction of the cost. Radial Timber has two different grades of timber

  • A-Grade timber which is the standard grade of timber that most people purchase.
  • Feature Grade/Discounted timber is timber that has not met our A-Grade stock standards.

Featured/Discounted Timber exhibits a high level of natural features including gum veins, knots, face checking and generally a larger range of colour variation.

Miss  Miss is where the planer/moulder has not machined part of the timber and may contain an unsawn rough surface where miss has occurred.
Featured May contain a combination of features such as knots, gum vein, checking, or wane (Not limited to) (Ideal if you are after a rustic feel with a bit of character)
Checking Separation of fibres radially across growth rings & along the grain forming a fissure, but not extending surface to surface, timber still structurally sound.
Gum Vein The timber in this pack has Gum vein of pockets through it which are considered features.

Who is Feature Grade Discounted Timber for?

Feature Timber is a great way to save up to 40% and is perfect for those builders embracing the beautiful imperfections of natural timber. Although our featured timber is not for everyone we suggest coming into our warehouse which is located in Dandenong to have a look for yourself. We get amazing feedback on all of our downgraded products and very rarely have anyone unhappy or wanting to return the product.

Available Species

Featured Timber is available in the following species:

Available Products

Shiplap Cladding

Downgraded cladding is one of the most popular products for its low cost and stunning natural features. Feature grade shiplap comes in both Secret Fixed (38,70,90,110 cover) and V-Join (70,90 cover) profiles. Shiplap Cladding comes in random packs with pieces ranging from 1.5m-6m

TIP: If you are wanting your timber to have a lot more character, pick downgraded shiplap for its beautiful features like fire streak, A-Grade timber will have far less if not any feature.


Another popular product for its many uses and low cost, feature grade screenboards come in 55×19, 80×19, 55×40 and 85×40 Beveled Edge/Seasoned/DAR. Screenboards come in random packs with pieces ranging from 1.5m-6m and also cut set lengths 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.1m and 2.4m.

TIP: If you are wanting to paint/stain your screening with a dark paint, pick downgraded screenboards as the features will be difficult to see. Plus the timber is a lot cheaper.


Downgraded decking is a great low cost product for many builders, decking comes in random length packs made up of pieces ranging from 1.5m-6m

Note: We do encourage everyone if possible to come down and see our feature grade wall on display, so you can get a better understanding on what features are to be expected.

Projects that have used Featured Timber

Timber Finishes

Radial Timber Sealer

We recommend our product to be coated with at least an oil based sealer such as Radial Timber Sealer or decking finish on external timber.  Radial Timber Sealer is required to repel and control moisture, hence minimises splitting, cracking and checking that can occur. It still allows the timber to grey off naturally while leaving it look and feel like timber. It can be applied to hardwoods used for external cladding, window frames, fences, trellis, decking and pergolas

Visit the Radial Timber Sealer page on Preschem website for more information about the product.


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