Can you love both trees and timber?

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70x19 Secret Fixed Shiplap, Silvertop Ash


“I think some people struggle to, mostly preferring the tree over timber. Which group are you in? I love both”

Written by Nick Waterman (Timber and Tree enthusiast)

Some people view trees as part of the scrub and just happy to use offcuts as firewood and forests to make a profit from.

The majority of people that care about the environment have their views reinforced when they see denuded land that looks like a warzone. Yes this can be the result of timber felling.
And we take off our hat to you if you are avoiding timber products in your daily life, but don’t be fooled if you think that the alternative is any better ie; plastic, steel & concrete are all using energy to manufacture or are products of oil. These products are arguably much worse than timber plus often very ugly products in comparision. (plastic decking – yuk)
So most of us love trees and we agree that timber is part of our daily lives (bit like petrol for the car)

Can we meet in middle grounds?

And is this middle ground not only a great solution that has been demonized by lack of knowledge, lack of trust, no effort in education and not much thought into alternative solutions.
Radial’s solution for growing, farming and milling native hardwood trees like Spotted Gum and Silvertop Ash is not only the best option but the only solution. Luckily its a low cost and can be achieved with world first technology. This solution creates an alternative to destroying old growth forests & importing timber from rain forest areas – that alone is a good reason to go in this direction.

110x19 Secret Fixed Shiplap, Silvertop Ash

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My personal favorite is a really big messmate tree that I have in my front yard but I also have favorite timber finishes that I marvel at and touch over and over again – hence the saying Touchwood.

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