110x19 Secret Fixed Shiplap, Silvertop Ash

Builder: PLANtoBUILD

Why Radial Timber should be specified and used on your next project?

1. Environment – Sustainable

The radial process produces more wood from fewer trees. It is an ideal process for processing small diameter plantation sawlog

2. Quality – Consistent

Every piece of radially sawn timber is cut in exactly the same way so our products perform predictably.

3. Point of Difference – Unique

Many of the Radial Timber profiles are unique and interesting designs which is why project featuring our products win so many awards

4. Chain of Custody – Traceable

Radial Timber is growing, drying, milling and selling all it is own product. We are in controlled of where the timber comes from and how it is processed

5. Design for Durability – Knowledge

We are very experience in every technical aspect of timber and how to maximise its performance on your next project. Our architect rep is available to discuss special requirements for any project you may have

Technical Data

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Board and Batten


Internal Lining

New Deck


Secret Fixed Shiplap

V Joint Shiplap

Weatherboards Natural Edge


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Radial Timber Calculator

Use the following calculator to help you measure the amount of timber you need.

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Radial Timber Calculator
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Radial Timber takes no responsibility for the incorrect usage of this tool and advise that customers ensure that the quantities calculated are correct.
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