Baxter Street

This house investigates the interaction of 3 elements: The clients, the site, and ideas we bring to the project. These elements are combined to produce an amalgam that represents equally those three principles. It’s important to us that the clients and the site are equally strong drivers of the design. For some time, our ideas have revolved around notions of liveability, spatial typologies and materiality which are combined in an exploration of how one might occupy a house. With this house we were interested in how the individual spaces ‘interacted’ with each other and the surrounding landscape, and in turn how this created a stimulating home for a family to live.

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From The Builder: This Architecturally complex project designed by BKK Architects, involved a high degree of technical skill to execute complex timber and steel junctions and planar tectonics. A substantial ‘addition & alteration’, this project required retention of much of the existing structure, with a surgical insertion of a major steel structure.

The open plan living and dining area showcase a dramatic cathedral ceiling and a wet area ‘pod’ is located between bedrooms and public areas. This project represents the potential for high calibre output when a strong working relationship exists between Builder and Architect.

BKK is a Melbourne based architecture and urban design studio.
Our practice centres on a vibrant team environment. Conversation and problem solving underpin our approach. Through collaboration we bring diverse voices and perspectives to the design process, expanding possibilities and creating value for clients. Through this collaborative approach we have successfully delivered projects in a broad range of sectors and scales, including;
Residential, local government, multi-residential, urban design, masterplanning, infrastructure, commercial and institutional.
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