Touchwood Campaign

What Is Touchwood?

The Touchwood Campaign represents a group of companies and like minded Australians that have a vision to minimise the impact the timber industry has on the environment, yet supply Australians with beautiful hardwood timbers. Is this possible? We say yes. Our campaign “Like us and we will plant a tree, Share us and your friends will help plant a forest” involves the community to get behind this important cause.

How Can You Get Involved?

Do you want to get involved? All you have to do is Like and Share Touchwood on Facebook. Just by sharing Touchwood with your friends and family you are helping to spread awareness for a sustainable future.  The more likes we receive, the more trees we will plant on your behalf and while it may be a long journey, everything worthwhile in life, takes time.


Trees Planted On Community’s Behalf

(Based off Facebook Likes)

[animatedcounter count=”9459″ duration=”9000″ color=”green” size=”30px”]


Trees Planted All Together

(First Plantation Dates Back To 2004)

[animatedcounter count=”987001″ duration=”14500″ color=”green” size=”30px”]


Total Hectares Established 

(Old farmland in the Gippsland region)

[animatedcounter count=”300″ duration=”20500″ color=”green” size=”30px”]


What We Have Achieved

Touchwood has received over 9500 likes since first starting the campaign, with an overwhelming reaction from the Australian Community. This reaction proves that Australia share the same interests and want to see the timber industry move towards a more sustainable future. As our campaign states “For every like we receive, we will plant 1 tree on your behalf” we have successfully planted over 9500 native hardwoods in the Gippsland region on behalf of YOU, the community.

Of those 9500 trees that you have helped plant and spread awareness we have planted a further more 180000 trees. Touchwood will be planting as many trees as physically possible no matter what. But, what this campaign is more focused on is gaining awareness. The likes we receive go beyond a tree being planted. It demonstrates how many people are aware of a sustainable alternative and support a sustainable future. No mater how many likes we receive, we will be aiming to plant over 2 million tress by 2020.
The Campaign ” 1 like = 1 tree planted on your behalf” is just a great way to get the community involved and thinking more about sustainability in the forestry industry.

Can You Love Both Timber And Trees?

I think some people struggle to, mostly preferring the tree over timber. Which group are you in?

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