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Preschem Main LogoFoundation member of the group. Preschem is a manufacturer of preservatives for timber. Products range from treatment for wooden power poles through to DIY products such as Aussie Clear which are available at retail stores throughout Australia.

Interesting fact: Contrary to popular belief wooden power poles are still in high demand and Australia will have a shortfall in 10 years. Preschem is working with its sister company to plant power pole plantations in Gippsland to help meet this demand

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Heartwood Plantations LogoEstablishing hardwood sawlog plantations in Gippsland  such as Southern Mahogany, Silvertop & Yellow Stringy Bark.

Interesting fact: Heartwood is the largest owner of high value durable sawlog plantations in Victoria

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Radial Timber

RadialTimberHas a dry and green sawmill located in Yarram Victoria with a wholesale distribution warehouse in the Melbourne suburb of  Dandenong (Radial Timber Sales)

Interesting fact: The Radial Timber mill is the only one radially sawing logs  in the world and creates unique timber  profiles for the building market 

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Outlast Timber

Outlast Timber LogoOriginally a specialist  Redgum Supplier but now a lot more. Suppliers of  Australian outdoor durable  timber for Landscapers, Builders and Home owners.

Interesting  fact: Australia is a net importer of durable timber (over $100million) when it could be all grown and sourced in Australia. 

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