Environmental Cost

Can the timber industry be sustainable

Australians love hardwood timber for its look and functionality but at what cost to the environment?

Of any tree cut down, less than 30 per cent is generally used in products like flooring because current sawmilling methods are extremely inefficient.

Radial sawing, invented and developed at Yarram in Victoria’s South-East, challenges the sawmilling industry with the first changes to sawing patterns since the industry started hundreds of years ago.

Basically, Radial Timber produces more timber from smaller trees by using natural principles to saw logs into wedges (ie. slicing them up like a pizza). Sawing timber this way produces either perfectly quarter sawn wedge sectors or back sawn boards. Radial back sawn boards feature 22.5 degree sloping sides and when machined, can be profiled into almost any conventional timber cladding or lining product (see below). More timber out of a log means fewer trees are needed to produce the same volume of timber.

Radial timber is comparative in cost to conventional timber products and is gaining greater acceptance and popularity with designers, especially those who appreciate that native timbers enhance the natural colours and textures of a truly Australian design.

There are many examples of homes in metropolitan Melbourne, along the coast or in the high country that have been built using radial timber. In fact, many people will have visited or driven past structures incorporating Radial Timber without even knowing it  (Uluru Visitors Centre, Melbourne Museum, Mt Hotham Basin Development, Churchill Island Visitors Centre, Healesville Sanctuary Platypus House, La Trobe University Bendigo, George St Apartments Fitzroy, Mooraduc Winery … … ….just to name a few).

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