Month: November 2021

Baxter Street

This house investigates the interaction of 3 elements: The clients, the site, and ideas we bring to the project. These elements are combined to produce an amalgam that represents equally those three principles. It’s important to us that the clients and the site are equally strong drivers of the design. For some time, our ideas …

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Design Against Risk By Selecting The Correct Timber

In the building industry every project will have unique design and construction requirements. Accurate and detailed documentation of the most suitable structural design will assist greatly in minimising construction problems and challenges and ensure projects are completed in a timely manner.  The correct design will support the interpretation of the client brief Selecting The Most …

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Radial Timber Sawing

Radial Sawing was specifically designed to maximise the recovery of sawn timber from smaller logs. As such, Radial Sawing has a range of both environmental and technical benefits. Where conventional sawing methods require large diameter logs Radial Sawing technology helps make native hardwood plantations logs more viable by maximising the yield of high value timber …

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Precoating Your Timber

Precoating before installation is an important step in ensuring the longevity of both the performance and appearance of your timber. Radial Timber can pre-treat your timber in a range of options to suit the aesthetic you are trying to achieve whilst also protecting your timber for years to come. Why You Should Precoat Your Timber? …

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Hardwood Plantations

Radial timbers vision is to become self sufficient and totally sustainable by managing our own saw log plantations of durable hardwood in Gippsland. We have a 20 year plan to establish up to 2000 hectares of Silvertop Ash, Yellow Stringybark, Southern Mahogany, Spotted Gum, Red Ironbark and Coastal Greybox pruned and thinned plantations. To date, 700 hectares (1 million trees) have …

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